MOTB Webinar with Dirk Jongkind

Dirk JongkindToday students and mentors participating in the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) Greek Paul and Greek Psalter projects enjoyed a webinar with Dirk Jongkind (Cambridge University/Tyndale House), who spoke on scribal habits in Greek biblical manuscripts. Well-known for his groundbreaking work in Scribal Habits of Codex Sinaiticus, Dr. Jongkind presented a clear and enlightening introduction to what we can understand about the copying process of individual scribes.

Students in the Greek Paul and Greek Psalter projects are studying New Testament minuscule and Old Testament majuscule manuscripts, respectively, but all are involved in evaluating the work of ancient scribes. How did the scribe understand the text being copied? How were corrections made, and by whom? Was the scribe careful or careless in the process? How were paratextual features (e.g., a chaptering system or titles of books) handled? All of these questions are related to scribal habits and require students to cognizant of typical patterns of behavior as they read through their manuscripts. That being the case, Dr. Jongkind’s presentation was most helpful and appreciated. Thanks to the efforts and resources of the Museum of the Bible Scholars Initiative, students from a variety of institutions have the opportunity to interact with scholars such as Dr. Jongkind and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

The webinar was moderated by Christian Askeland (MOTB) and hosted by the CRBMI.

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