Report on Logos in Oxford (2016)

Winchester CathedralThis summer three students from STS were selected to participate in the Logos in Oxford program held at St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford: Jeff DePue (M.Div. program), Denis Salgado (M.Div. program) and Steve Young (MABLL program). This two week workshop, held from 1-15 June, is limited to students working on Museum of the Bible Scholars Initiative projects; all three students have participated in the Greek Paul Project (transcribing Greek minuscule manuscripts of 1 Timothy) and Denis is researching scribal habits in GC.170 (formerly P. Bodmer XXIV) for the Greek Psalter Project. As their local mentor at STS, Dr. Andrew Smith (Assoc. Prof. of NT and Early Christianity) also attended June 5-9.

The Logos in Oxford workshop is a fully-funded program comprised of three lecture series: Oxford, scholarship, and the Christian mind; current issues in textual studies; and the vocation of Christian scholars in the modern university. Day excursions included trips to Winchester, Cambridge, and the British Library and Museum in London. Students in this program encounter experts in in the fields of history, theology, and textual studies; scholars include (among several others) Michelle Brown (University of London), Alister McGrath (Oxford), Christopher de Hamel (Cambridge), Ralph Hanna (Oxford), Larry Hurtado (University of Edinburgh), Helen Moore (Oxford), Alison Salvesen (Oxford), and Peter Williams (Cambridge). A few session titles among the many presented include:

  • “Beside books: preaching and oral culture in late antiquity”
  • “Greek versions of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: what are they, and why do they matter?”
  • “Study centre, think tank, or vicar factory: what is the role of a divinity school in a global university?”
  • “Giving up, giving in, or getting on: internationalisation, education, and developing alternatives to the Sacred/Secular divide”
  • “C.S. Lewis and Dorothy Sayers”
  • “MAking a career in textual studies: at research universities, divinity schools, and Christian colleges”

The participating students enjoyed the (very intense) program and had these things  to say:

STS crew

(L to R) Denis Salgado, Stephen Campbell, Steve Young, Jeff DePue, Andrew Smith

The two weeks at Logos in Oxford was impactful on many levels. It was being exposed to so many different facets of scholarship, so many different disciplines that are related to the history of my faith, and seeing the opportunities for study that exist. It was the opportunity to be around other students from a wide range of backgrounds and learn from them and the various projects they’re working on. It was the opportunity to spend quality time with established scholars like Michael Holmes, Tommy Wasserman, Peter Head, and many others. It was also the time I was able to spend with my fellow students and professor from Shepherds, the time to develop bonds and relationships that will far outlast these two weeks.

— Steve Young (MABLL)

parker library (small)Logos in Oxford was a helpful time since it exposed us to a wider range of scholarship, including Christians from various traditions. Spending two weeks with academics from all over the world led to great conversations with some who hold to positions different from our own. It was a chance to have good conversations with those who have never interacted with complimentarians, dispensationalists, or those who believe in expository preaching. It was also a great chance to hear from leading scholars in a personal setting regarding important issues for the Christian academic.

— Jeff DePue (M.Div.)


This fantastic program provides our students with the opportunity to meet and fellowship with an international group of peers and scholars, to view first-hand ancient biblical manuscripts and artifacts, and to explore a diverse range of academic issues related to Christian scholarship and vocation. We look forward to sending students to future instances of this program.

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