Report on Logos in Oxford (2015)

This summer STS Master of Divinity student Denis Salgado and I were selected to attend the 2015 Logos in Oxford conference at Oxford University. Sponsored by the Green Collection and hosted by SCIO (Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford), the conference ran from 27 May to 9 June and embodied the idea of fides quarens intellectum (“faith seeking understanding”). Green Scholars Initiative (GSI) students (ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate) and mentors from eighteen different institutions attended the conference and enjoyed a full schedule of learning and fellowship together.

Each day at Oxford began in St. Hugh’s Chapel with a scriptural message […]

Viewing Manuscripts at the Rubenstein Library

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Rubenstein Library at Duke University with a few M.Div. students from Shepherds Theological Seminary to examine a number of items in the Greek manuscripts collection. I had made arrangements for students to view a variety of manuscript types (a papyrus, a Gospels codex, a lectionary, etc.) to supplement the work they are doing for the International Greek New Testament Project. There is a world of difference between seeing images of these Christian artifacts and being able to view and handle them in person.

The library’s Curator of Collections was quite gracious and […]

Text-Critical Studies

CRBMI Director Andrew Smith has accepted an invitation to serve as an Assistant Editor for the Society of Biblical Literature’s Text-Critical Studies series, under the direction of Michael Holmes (Professor of Biblical Studies and Early Christianity, Bethel University).

Text-Critical Studies publishes monographs, reference works, and collections of essays related to the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and closely related works. Individual volumes may investigate methodological issues, individual manuscripts, or selected passages.

Summer 2015: Logos in Oxford

Congratulations to STS student Denis Salgado for being accepted to participate in the Green Scholars Initiative’s Logos in Oxford program at St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford from 27 May – 10 June. In this program Denis will participate in lecture series presented by experts in the fields of history, theology, and textual studies. Additionally, the after-dinner experiences with peers are geared for participants to “learn about the intersection of faith and vocation in the experience of leading senior Oxford scholars from various academic fields.” The program includes two day tours: the first to Winchester (the chief city of Alfred […]

Göttingen's Digital Edition of the Sahidic-Coptic Old Testament

Neue Forschungsprojekte für die Göttinger Akademie

GWK stimmt Förderung des Vorhabens “Digitale Gesamtedition und Übersetzung des koptisch-sahidischen Alten Testaments” zu / Beteiligung an “Jaspers-Edition” mit Arbeitsstelle in Oldenburg

Göttingen / Berlin. Die Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen hat grünes Licht für ein neues langfristig angelegtes Projekt der Grundlagenforschung sowie für eine Beteiligung an einem bereits bestehenden Vorhaben bekommen. Die Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz (GWK) hat auf ihrer heutigen Sitzung (30. Oktober 2014) beschlossen, zum 1. Januar 2015 das Vorhaben “Digitale Gesamtedition und Übersetzung des koptisch-sahidischen Alten Testaments” in die Förderung des Akademienprogramms von Bund und Ländern aufzunehmen. Mit den neuen Projekten betreut […]

Review of the BibleWorks Manuscripts Project

Every modern student of the Bible should have some understanding of how the biblical text was transmitted from the ancient world to the edited version(s) they examine today. This is especially true of students who read Greek and Hebrew, who may think that their critical edition of the Bible is all there is to the story. Even a modest familiarity with the transmission history of the Bible will benefit the modern reader, whether student or scholar. One barrier to this familiarity has been the relative inaccessibility of manuscripts or copies of those manuscripts. For, although we live at a time […]

Review of The Use of Textual Criticism for the Interpretation of Patristic Texts

Originally published in Augustinian Studies, 45 (2014): 119-122.

Kenneth Steinhauser and Scott Dermer, eds., The Use of Textual Criticism for the Interpretation of Patristic Texts, (Mellen Press, 2012), $169.95, pp 572, ISBN: 0-7734-3073-3

This collection of essays is the product of a doctoral seminar called “Manuscripts and Texts” offered by Kenneth B. Steinhauser (Professor of Theological Studies at St. Louis University) between 2007 and 2011. The work of the students represented in the book is the result of an assignment “to present a late antique or patristic text, where its transmission in some way had an effect […]

Review of Practice Makes Perfect: P. Cotsen-Princeton 1 and the Training of Scribes in Byzantine Egypt

Originally published in Expository Times (April 2014): 349-350.

PAPYROLOGY IN THE CHILDREN’S LIBRARY Scott Bucking, Practice Makes Perfect: P. Cotsen-Princeton 1 and the Training of Scribes in Byzantine Egypt, (HES De Graaf, 2011), € 125, pp 266, ISBN: 0974516848

Practice Makes Perfect is a papyrological investigation of a seventh-century Coptic miniature codex (P. Cotsen-Princeton 1), a (perhaps monastic) scribal training manual with 52 extant, parchment leaves. There are 17 distinct sections in the manuscript, ranging from a syllabary and word lists to a short passage from Romans (8:28-32) and a list of nomina sacra. Though the primary language of the […]

Review of Arabic Manuscripts: A Vademecum for Readers

2013.12.24 | Adam Gacek. Arabic Manuscripts: A Vademecum for Readers. Leiden: Brill, 2011. xviii + 350 pages (with 216 ill. and 3 charts). ISBN 9789004221444.

Review by W. Andrew Smith, Shepherds Theological Seminary; originally published at Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies (December 2013).

Many thanks to Brill for providing a review copy.

If the term vademecum is unfamiliar, it refers to a handbook that is carried around at all times for consultation (from the modern Latin “go with me”). With that in mind, Adam Gacek’s Arabic Manuscripts: A Vademecum for Readers most certainly qualifies as a guide […]